Life is beautiful, isn't it?

Have you ever thought how beautiful life can be? I have never done so. But now I do.

Of course I do not understand most nuances and lessons life gives me. I cannot analyze every challenge it brings into my life. I cannot restore my mental health from it. I cannot reverse my actions or said words. But what I can do is continue living. This is what I have to do in order to enjoy the life, the outdoors and eternity.

Imagine this: you are walking outdoors through the gardens in autumn. The rain stopped. Your nose is touched by the smell of fresh air. You feel relived like the mountain has fallen down from your shoulders. You continue the journey into nowhere.

Sounds fascinating, doesn't it? We should remember that life is concentrated around details. Every bit of information, every “unimportant” thing in our life does play a major role in it. Denial is not a choice, it is a way to escape from the reality. The opportunity to escape reality is also concentrated around modern technology but I will touch on that a little bit later.

Life is beautiful. It is us who do not notice its beauty.

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